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Whats in the Resin Bound and Bonded Systems?

The open matrix enables water to drain through to the base, eliminating water ponding and enabling water to drain pipes to planted locations or land drains. The surfacing might be applied to SuDS compliant bases and sub-bases, reducing the impact of city advancement on flood risk and permitting water to stream into water courses. When installed on to a SuDS compliant base the Resin Bound Emerging system can allow as much as 850 litres to permeate through every m2 per minute.

The resin bound aggregate system (also referred to as permeable paving) is perfect for ornamental driveways, car parks and pathways as well as swimming pool surrounds. It is fully permeable, adhering to SuDS policies.

The resin bonded appearing system is suitable for domestic, industrial and industrial use. It provides ornamental paving and high slip resistance making it useful and visual. It is perfect for usage on paths and car parking bays.

The tree pit system is a decorative and practical option to tree grilles. The porous tree pits provide ease of upkeep, design and permits the tree to feed through the resin goinged gravel system.

Difference In between Resin Bound and Resin Bonded Surfacing

Resin bound appearing and resin bonded appearing are typically incorrect for the very same systems however look various, feel different and provide very different homes.

Both systems utilize a mix of aggregates and resin and are utilized to offer a slip resistant decorative surface however that is where the resemblance ends.

So whats the difference in between them?

resin bound 960x480

resin bonded 960x480

Resin boundd surfacing includes mixing the aggregates (generally 2-5mm) together with the resin in a forced action mixer. The blended material is then taken from the mixer, poured on to the surface, raked out then completed with a trowel to leave a flat surface area to a density of 15mm. The idea of the resin goinged appearing is to provide a slip resistant decorative surface which is extremely water permeable.

Resin bonded emerging is often referred to as a scatter system. It involves blending the resin with a drill and paddle and pouring it on to the surface. The resin is then expanded using a roller, trowel or notched squeegee to an usually thickness of 1mm. The aggregate is then transmitted over the top of the resin guaranteeing complete protection. Resin bonded systems are non porous.

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